"I really enjoyed our social media session. It was great to get to know the girls in the group as well as get some excellent and up-todate social media training. Natalia was very helpful, friendly and approachable." Lorna Morris


Sometimes we run small workshops on for you and your business. If you're interested in these and/or would like to organise one for your community get in touch.



Social Media 101

Understand your brand and how it works alongside your social media strategy. Get online fast & efficiently - by creating social media pages and/or blog in line with your true.


Some things participants have said:


"I enjoyed the session so much Natalia, thank you, you are a talent! I feel so empowered to get on with my social media." Sharon Maddy-Patel


"Thanks again Natalia for your wonderful session, so knowledgeable and fun. Amazing Amazing!" ChristinaG, The Development Coach


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"Natalia provides such an individually tailored engagement with her clients that you won't just receive the support and expertise that iamsociable offers, but she also specifically identifies assistance for you and your business needs." - James Anderson, Poet and Creative Director of JRBA

How to Introduce yourself online & offline workshop


They way you introduce yourself offline is not that different to online. It's all about creating your message. There's some specific variables that come into play no matter who you're talking to and where. This workshop goes through working out your target audience, understanding your who, what, where and why. And most importantly getting a clear and concise pitch.


Some things participants have said:


"The workshop was useful as Natalia was knowledgable, confident and really helped everyone." Charlie from Women Outside the Box


"Natalia really inspired me and got me on the right track with my business. Just brilliant!" Lidia

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